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First stop is a visit to Nickey's club, Rathnure St. Annes, courtesy of Tom Foley.

A hurl used by Billy Rackard in the 1955 All Ireland Final. This is in Croke Park Museum, Dublin, which is well worth a visit. Many thanks to Mark Reynolds for showing me around.

With Philip Doyle of Lash Go Leor (see Links on right hand column). Philip has made me this replica of a hurl from the 1950's. It is a beautiful object. I have this in the studio now and marvel at the workmanship.

Philip demonstrates how the sliothar would be held.

Hurler, Kevin Gore, talks me through the basics.

Kevin in action.

Filming Kevin in action.

Kevin showing me how to grip a hurl

The site

This is where the statue will be situated.  The challenge is to come up with a dynamic figure composition that conveys something of the spirit of Nickey Rackard and satisfies the sightlines indicated by the arrows,

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