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September 2011

Now the lay figure is ready, dressed and moving well, I am ready to make the full size piece in clay. Prior to this, however, I want to spend a few weeks familiarising myself with the portrait of Nickey. I am drawing and studying photographs in preparation for a life-size clay head that I can later enlarge to full size. In late October, I am planning to spend a weekend with Berna, Marion and Bobby working on the portrait with them. There is only so much I can get from the photographs and I really need the family to point out any glaring omissions (or additions).

August 2011

Dressing the lay figure to study drapery. Liz has found a shirt in exactly the right weight of material and is adapting it to reflect Nickey's original Wexford shirt. Ignore the colours - at this stage, I am only looking for how the fabric flows around the body.