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Blocked out form

The form is now pretty much blocked out to what I want and I can start on the detail. I have lengthened and straightened his left leg fractionally in order to exaggerate the movement, especially from the reverse angle. Also, the proportion of the head in relation to the shoulders is better, although the head still seems a little large. The family have emphasised how large Nickey's head was and I am getting this balance with trial and error. I am particularly happy with the shoulder to waist proportional ratio which I think is just as he was.

Positioning the hurl


‘Cuchulainn’s Son. The story of Nickey Rackard.’ Tom Williams. Blackwater Press. 2006.
‘The Way I Saw It.’ Martin Codd. Corrigeen Tee Publishing. 2005.

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Thanks to Tony Solimene for taking some good photographs.

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Conor Cullen blog 8/11/11

Life size clay head.

Working on the sketch head in Wexford. Nickey's grandson proves to be an enthusiastic and promising young sculptor.

Working with the Rackards

In October, I took a life size head of Nickey over to Wexford so that I could work on it with members of his family. This has proved invaluable. I will use this life size as my model for the full size work.

Life size head.