Bishop Denis Brennan – a few words to accompany the blessing.

Bishop Denis Brennan

As a neighbour of Nicky’s and the Rackard family it is a privilege to be here today. Growing up in the ’50′s Nicky Rackard was our hero, the dashing figure that led the way for Wexford.

Part of the golden team which brought Wexford to the hurling heights in the ’50′s Nicky in the words of Tom Williams’ tribute song, “led with style and dash.”

We know now that Nicky had to battle with his own demons too, again in the words of Cuchulainn’s Son, “He beat the devil on that lonely street.”

Like many of his battles on the field, this proved to be a titanic struggle but in the end he prevailed and his victory gave others the confidence and the courage to prevail too. Denis Brennan, Bishop of Ferns.

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