Tom Williams

I have just heard the sad news that Tom Williams has passed away.

As part of my research for the statue of Nickey Rackard, his daughter, Berna, gave me two books to read; ‘The Way I Saw It’ by Martin Codd and ‘Cuchulainn’s Son’ by Tom Williams. Berna, Marion and Bobby had given me insight into Nickey’s private nature…the books were the conduit through which I got some idea of the person he was to his colleagues and the public. After reading them I felt as if I had met the man himself.

Both Martin Codd and Tom Williams went on to play significant roles in the statue. Martin’s son, Martin, made the plinth, and Tom’s words are carved on to three of the sides. They are from his song ‘Cuchulainn’s Son’ which is a vivid and beautifully composed work about Nickey Rackard and was sung at the unveiling.

Tom was a constant source of reference to me while I was making the statue. He was informative, acute and, above all, generous with his knowledge. I had the honour of meeting him in person at both the launch of my show in Greenacres (where we were all treated to a fabulous speech) and later that day at the unveiling.

Thank you, Tom, for your help and support.


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